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New project is coming out now! This project consists of three EPs; each one with a different instrumentation and style. Fifteen total tracks with five featuring "In"!
The project will focus on the passage of time around us and on our ephemeral being compared to it, like the blink of an eye. 

My new EP "Hope Will Arise" is out now!

With the songs that has partecipated at the Sonuscore contest "Composer of the Year 2022" and the bonus and new track "Will".


An ambient/classical album, distinctly pop and rich in vocal solo and epic rythms. The project is inspired by our bond with the universe, the stars and the preciousness of our home planet.

That Little Dot feat. In

...and now with a new version of That Little Dot with vocal and lyric by In (aka Giorgia Zandonella Golin).

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