Videos and  Music Synchronisation

this is a collection of my main videos.
More videos, like "shorts" and playlists, are visible on my YouTube Channel below.


Syncronisation of the main track of the album... "AethereA"... where everything we see and feel are born.

That Little Dot 

Syncronisation of track "That Little Dot", from AethereA album, with the inspired and famous speech of Carl Sagan

That Little Dot (feat. In)

The featuring version of That Little dot. The first collaboration with the soprano singer "In", aka Giorgia Zandonella Golin.

The North Star

The North Star, the only compass that we have had for thousand of years... from AethereA album.

Pillar of Creation

Explore riding track "Pillar of Creation" the magnificen Aquila Nebula, where a lot of new stars are forming...


... a bagpipe, a guitar, a beautiful female vocal... One of the most ancient our bond with stars...


... explore some beautiful star nursery through through a magnificent female vocal solo...

Event Horizon

... where all come to the end, or begin...


The star that, according to the ancient Persian culture, perennially pursued the
pleiades... from AethereA album.

From the album Hidalgo

The main track of the album tell a short story of Father Hidalgo y Costilla, martyr of freedom and minorances.

From the album Skylore

Earth Tear... the name explain all. This track wants to sensitize the listener on the mortal human impact on our planet



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