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Filippo Canton starts early to study piano at private schools (from 5 to 14 years old), then he has continued to cultivate the self-taught musical route. Its study is peculiar, focusing exclusively on the composition which is, for him, a way to express his feelings, sensations and experiences that can touch his musical sensitivity. The purpose of his music is to take the mind and the heart of those who are listening to pleasant places, events or memories for a few minutes. The computer, another of his passions, has allowed him to realize all master of his albums entirely in home recording. His music has been used to musicalize some tv documentaries and show trasmitted on the Italian national tv and, recently, the song "Euphoria", from album "Hidalgo" was used in the show "Best Backery Italy". More, all him lasts Lp have had very positive reviews on the first web music magazine in Italy "Rockit.it". Down below the links.



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