These are the three EPs of the project, each month a song will be released, up to a total of fifteen songs. The main one EP, entirely featuring "In", is a mixture of the other two. That is electronic and classical style. But always with a pinch of pop ...choose your style by clicking behind the EP!!!

Tempus (Feat. In) out now!!
- Flowing Light (Feat. In) from 10/12/21
- Time (Feat. In) from 11/03/22
- Painted Destiny (Feat. In) from 10/06/22
- Eons (Feat. In) from 9/09/22


- Time (P. & S. Edition) out now!!
- Flowing Light (P. & S. Edition) from 12/11/21
- Tempus (P. & S. Edition) from 11/02/22
- Eons (P. & S. Edition) from 8/04/22
- Painted Destiny (P. & S. Edition) from 12/08/22

- Eons (Electronic Edition) from 8/10/21
- Time (Electronic Edition) from 7/01/22
- Tempus (Electronic Edition) from 6/05/22
- Flowing light (Electronic Edition) from 8/07/22
- Painted Destiny (Electronic Edition) from 7/10/22

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